Energize is the new radio station for the energy sector based UK Wide.

It’s a radio station with live presenters to connect the oil, gas and energy community.

A vital communications tool for oil, gas and energy industry leaders, an engaging listen for the workforce and a platform to share what’s really important to them.

  • Featuring the right balance of essential information
  • Health and safety information increasing awareness, reducing accidents and downtime and therefore reducing costs
  • Music, entertainment and interaction across each day including shout outs, requests, birthday recognition and podcasts to engage and connect workers
  • Careers, news and weather and transportation updates
  • Available online and throughout communal working areas
  • Listen while on the rigs
  • Tune in at sea or in the air
  • Non-stop radio at home or in the office

Energize can also now be found on the MyTuner Radio platform!

This means the radio station can be played on mobile or smart speaker, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

You can also enable the MyTuner Radio skill if you have an Amazon Alexa speaker – just say “Alexa, ask my tuner radio to play Energize”

To listen to Energize through MyTuner:

  • Download the MyTuner Radio app for your phone
  •  Search ‘Energize’
  •  Finally, press play & enjoy

There to support you when you need it.

The demands of working in the oil, gas & energy industry can be challenging for employees and their families – on and off shore.

With loved ones and colleagues far apart, it is important to feel connected and part of a community – no matter where you are or the time of day. Potential health risks associated to the sector include feelings of isolation, an increased risk of depression, heart disease and other medical conditions. Human well-being increases when we feel part of a community, and connect regularly with our loved ones – this is where Energize radio steps in to provide that connected feeling for listeners.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has seen a large number of businesses shift to remote working.

Remote working creates a new set of challenges for employers, such as keeping employees engaged, focused and motivated. With staff being away from the company of their colleagues, there’s also a risk that they could feel out of the loop and disconnected.

This is where our Connected app really comes into its own, in fact, there’s never been a better time to invest. Our customisable and branded employee engagement app will ensure you can connect, engage, and notify your employees anywhere, anytime.

The creation of an employee engagement app will enable your business to unite staff on a communication platform through many available features such as unlimited groups, live streaming & events. The employee engagement app is available to download for both iOS and Android platforms. There’s also the added benefit that the Connected app ensures you and your employees own all data, unlike on regular social media platforms.

Comments, requests, birthday shout outs and opinions, we want it ALL!

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